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Manikandeswarar temple, Tirumarperu

Temple Information
Location of the templeTirumarperu (now known as Tirumalpur)
Deity known asManikandeswarar, Maalvanangeeswarar
Female deity known asAnjanatchi Ammai, Karunai Nayagi
PathigamThirunavukarasar, Sambandar
How to reach This temple is located 21 Kms away from Kancheepuram on the Kancheepuram - Arakkonam route. Bus facilities from Kancheepuram and also from Arakkonam are available. Another paadal petra sthalam Tiruvooral (Takkolam) is located nearby.
Temple addressArulmighu Manikandeswarar Temple
Tirumalpur Post
Arakkonam Taluk
Vellore District
PIN 631503

Temple Legend - Mahavishnu, once, on behalf of a king named kuban, engaged in a battle against Sage Dutheechi. The Sage's body was so strong that it caused the edges of the Sudarshan Chakra, a powerful weapon wielded by Mahavishnu, to break upon impact. In order to obtain another chakra belonging to Shiva, which had destroyed a demon named Chalandra, by offering 1000 lotus flowers daily, Mahavishnu began worshipping the Shiva Linga at this sacred site, which had been previously worshipped by Devi Parvathy. To test Mahavishnu's devotion, Shiva hid one of the thousand lotus flowers. When Mahavishnu realized that he was one flower short for the thousandth name of Shiva, he plucked out his own eye and offered it as a substitute. Impressed by his dedication, Shiva appeared before Mahavishnu and granted him His Chakra. As a result of Mahavishnu's worship at this sacred site, it came to be known as Tirumarperu, and over time, it has been referred to as Tirumalpur. The same legend is also associated with Tiruveezhimalai. In confirmation of this legend, an urchava idol of Mahavishnu can be seen in a standing posture holding a lotus in one hand and His eye in the other.

In a playful act, Once Devi Parvathy closed God Shiva's eyes. The entire universe was paralysed and it was engulfed in darkness. Realising Her folly, Devi Parvathy descended upon earth, consecrated a Shiva Linga for Her worship, which was made out of sand on the banks of the river Vrudhaksheera. This river also known as 'Paalaru' lies to the north of the temple site. Since the Shiva Linga is made out of sand, it is anointed only after being covered with a copper plated armor shaped to the Linga for protection.

Temple Layout - Situated on an expansive area of approximately 1.2 acres, this temple boasts a magnificent five-tiered tower that faces east. The temple is surrounded by two concentric corridors, enclosed by sturdy walls. Adjacent to the temple lies the sacred water body known as 'Chakra Theertham'. As one enters through the gateway, a sight of altars, a flagpole, and the revered Nandi on an elevated plinth greets the devotees. A second gateway leads to the shrine of the presiding deity, which is positioned towards the east. Within the inner corridor, one can witness the divine presence of Nandikeshwar and Senthaamarai kanna perumal, both standing with folded hands in a reverential posture opposite the presiding deity. The inner corridor also houses several other shrines dedicated to deities such as Vinayaka, Chidambareshwar, Somaskandar, Subramanya, Chandikeshwarar, Nataraja, and Gajalakshmi. It is worth noting that due to the undisturbed nature of the presiding deity, the 'Annabishekam' ritual, which involves the anointing of the deity with rice, during the Tamil month of Ippasi is done for Chidambareshwarar.

Positioned at the entrance of the sanctum sanctorum, the two Dwara Paalakas, Vallabha Vinayaka and Shanmukha, stand as guardians. Vallabha Vinayaka is depicted with a rare portrayal of ten hands, adding to its uniqueness. In the center, Mahavishnu is shown with folded hands, facing the presiding deity. Resting atop Mahavishnu is a Vimanam, while Nandi stands in front of him. Passing through the entrance, one enters the inner enclosure, where numerous intricate sculptures adorn the pillars. These sculptures include representations of Dakshinamurthy, Surya the Sun God, Mahavishnu, Balasubramnyar, Appar, Sundarar, Tirugyanasambandhar, Vinayaka, Muruga, Brahma with all four of his faces visible, Devi worshipping Shiva under a 'Vilva' tree, Kalinganarthanam, Kamadenu, Bhairavar, and Veerabhadrar. Additionally, the Goshta images feature Dakshinamurthy, Mahavishnu, Brahma, and Goddess Durga. Goddess Durga is majestically depicted with eight hands, holding a conch and chakra in two of them. The tradition of keeping 'Sadari' on the devotee's head is follwed after 'Deepa Aradhana' of Mahavishnu.

There are six Pathikam composed on this deity, two by Tirugyanasambandhar and four by Tirunavukkarasar. In the renowned 'Periya Purana', Sekizhar makes a note that Sudarar also paid a visit to this temple. However, it is unfortunate that Sundarar's Pathikam dedicated to this deity has not been discovered or documented.

Tirumarperu Temple Photos

5 tier temple tower
Nandhi in outer corridor
Nandhi, flagpost and balipeetam
Muruga with is two consorts

Route Map of Tirumarperu from Kanchipuram.
Map courtesy by: Google Maps

Map connecting Tiruvalangadu, Tiruvirkolam, Elambayankottur, Thakkolam and Tirumarperu.