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Thevaara Paadal Petra Sivasthalangal
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Location of the templeTiruaradai Perumpaazhi (Haridwara Mangalam)
Lord Shiva known asPaathaaleswarar
Female deity known asAlankara Nayagi
PathigamSambandar - 1
How to reach This sivasthalam temple is situated 3.5 Kms to the east of another paadal petra sthalam at TiruAavalivanallur and about 24 Kms. from Thanjavur. Town bus service to Haridwara Mangalam is available from Thanjavur and Kumbakonam. Haridwara Mangalam is situated about 10 Kms west of Alangudi.
Avalivanallur map
Map showing location of Haridwara Mangalam and Avalivanallur temple. Both are located at a distance of 3.5 Kms. from each other.
Map courtesy by: Google Maps
TiruAradai perumpaazhi temple photos