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Thevaara Paadal Petra Sivasthalangal
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Location of the templeTirumarugal
Lord Shiva known asManikkavannar
Female deity known asVanduvaarkuzhalammai
PathigamSambandar, Thirunaavukarasar
How to reach Tirumarugal is situated at about 6.5 Kms from Tirupugalur. Tirumarugal can also be reached by road from Tiruvarur and is about 26 kms from Tiruvarur.
Tirumarugal mapMap showing location of Tirumarugal temple from Tirupugalur
Map courtesy by: Google Maps

The temple at Tirumarugal has a 5 tier main gopuram in the east which is 68 feet in height. The gopuram on the south side is a smaller one. Temple has brick walls on the four sides and has 2 prakarams. The main shrine for Lord Shiva is at an elevated structure. This is one of the temples (Madakovil) constructed by Chola King Ko Chenkannan in such a way that it is impossible for an elephant to come near the Sivalingam. Visit Tiruvanaikaval Page to know more about this legend. Paraasara Munivar is said to have worshipped Lord Shiva at this Sthalam.

According to the legend, when Sambandar visited this temple, he found a young woman crying in front of the temple. When Sambandar went near her to know the reason for her crying, he found a young man lying dead. He came to know from the woman that she and the young man had decided to marry against the wishes of their parents and came to the temple to marry in front of Lord Shiva and spent the previous night inside the temple. But unfortunately before they could get married, the bridegroom died due to a snake bite. Deeply hurt by the pathetic condition of the young woman, Sambandar composed a Pathigam to Lord Shiva of this temple. To the surpirse aod joy of all, the dead young man awakened as is nothing had happened to him. The young woman and the young man got married at this Shivasthalam with god Shiva as a witness to their marriage.

It is also believed that any separated couple due to misunderstanding or for any other reason, will unite here once again if they worhsip and pray Lord Shiva at this temple. It is said that once Goddess Mahalakshmi separated from Lord Vishnu and came to the earth and stayed at this Sthalam. She worshipped Lord Shiva here and again united with Lord vishnu by marrying him at this Sthalam.

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