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Location of the templeTiruThenkudithittai (now known as Thittai)
Lord Shiva known asPasupatheeswarar, Pasupathinathar, Vasishteswarar
Female deity known asUlaganayagi, Mangaleswari, Suganda Kundalambikai
How to reach This sivasthalam is situated 10 Kms from Thanjavur on Thanjavur - Melattur - Kumbakonam road. Town bus services from Thanjavur are available to go to Thittai.
Temple addressArulmighu Pasupatheeswarar Temple
Pasupathikoil Post
Thanjavur district
PIN 614206
Thittai mapMap showing location of Tenmkudithittai temple from Thanjavur
Map courtesy by: Google Maps

According to the legend, during the great deluge (pralayam), when the entire Universe was surrounded by water, this place of Thittai stood aloft and Lord Shiva appeared at this Sthalam as a Swayambu Lingam. Thittai is one of the holy places, extolled by Sambandar, who hails the sanctity of the place as more superior even the glory of Lord Shiva Himself.

An unique feature of this temple is a drop of water falls on the Lingam (Main Diety) exactly every twenty four minutes (1 Naazhigai) from the roof. But for a small hole, there is no source of water or anything, on the Vimana of the main diety.

Two stones "Suryagaanthakkal" and "Chandragaanthakkal" which are placed at strategic points above the Vimana are the reasons for the droplets of water which falls on the diety.

These 2 stones absorb moisture from the atmosphere, convert into 1 water droplet, performing a natural Abhishegam to the diety, every 24 minutes (1 Naazhigai), be it the day or night.

According to legend, Brahma, Vishnu, Subramanya, Bhairavar, Sun God Sooriyan, Saneeswaran, Yama (the god of death), Parasuramar, Devendiran, Adiseshan, Sage Vasishtar, Sage Jamadagni are said to have worshipped the Swaymbu Lingam here.

This east facing temple is situated with an entrance with a 3 tier gopuram. The temple theertham known as Pasu Theertham lies in front of the temple. After climbing the few steps in front of the main entrance, one enters the first prakaram. The separate shrine for Guru (Jupiter) is situated in the first prakaram and He appears in a standing posture as Rajaguru, blessing the devotees with the Abhaya Hasta. Apart from a shrine for the presiding deity Pasupatheeswarar, the temple also has shrines for Sivamurti, Devi, Vinayakar and Subramanyar and worshipped with equal importance.

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