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Kapaleeswarar Temple, Tirumayilai (Mylapore - Chennai)

Location of the templeLocated at Mylapore in Chennai City
Lord Shiva known asKabaleeswarar
Female deity known asKarpagambal
How to reach This temple is well connected by town buses from every part of Chennai city. There is also a suburban railway station known as Tirumayilai on the Chennai Beach - Tiruvanmiyur route which is located near to the temple.
Temple addressArulmighu Kabaleeswarar Temple
Chennai - 600004

This temple is located at Mylapore, (otherwise known as strong>Tirumayilai) Chennai and is about 8 Kms from Chennai Central Railway Station. This temple is an ancient shrine glorified in the Tamil hymns of the 7th century A.D. It has a 120 feet tall Gopuram studded with stucco images. It is the abode of Lord Shiva known as Kapaleeswarar and Goddess Karpagambal.

Legend has it that Lord Brahma was very proud of his five heads, the same as that of Lord Shiva. To teach him a lesson in humility, Lord Shiva nipped one of Brahma's heads. Since then Lord Shiva is called Kabaleeswarar.

The temple's large water tank in front of the west gopuram is used to celebrate the Float Festival, which is held in January or February. Arupathumoovar, held in March, is a 11 day event in which 63 bronze images of the disciples of Shiva are removed from their places in the temple and carried in procession. During March and April every year, a 10 day festival Brahmotsavam is held in the temple. The existing structure of the temple is only 300 years old. According to the temple authorities, the old Kabaleeswarar Temple was in Santhome Beach, which was destroyed by the Portuguese. Saivite saint Arunagirinathar in his literary works had also mentioned that this temple was located near a seashore.

The Lingam here is a Swaymabu Lingam, one of the 64 in the world. The sanctum sanctorum has the Lingam (Lord Shiva) decorated with flowers, bhilva leaves, rudraksha garland and vibhuti. The main deity is facing west. To the right of the sanctum sanctorum is the south facing shrine for the female deity Karpagambal. There are shrines for Singara Velar, Dakshinamurthy, Somaskandar, Durgai, Natana Vinayakar, Palani Andavar and Vaayilar Nayanar. The bronze idols of 63 saivite saints (Nayanmars) which adorn the outer courtyard are rare specimens of sculptures. Also in the courtyard under the old Punnai Tree is a small shrine depicting Goddess Parvati in the form of a peacock, worshipping Lord Shiva. It is from this legend that Mylapore derived its name - 'Mayil" meaning peacock and "oor" meaning town.

Tirumayilai Kapaleeswarar temple photos

West tower entrance

Kotimaram, Palipeetam and Nandhi in front of Swami Sannidhi

Punnivananathar Sannidhi near the temple tree

Sani Bhagawan Sannidhi

East tower entrance

Temple tree Punnai maram

Navarathiri Mantapam

Singaravelar Sannidhi

West tower entrance

Eastern corridor. The shrines of Annamalaiyar, Narthana Vinayakar, Jagatheeswarar and Navagraha idols are located on this corridor facing east.

Tirumayilai Kapaleeswarar temple is open from 5-30 AM to 12-30 PM and from 4 PM to 9-30 PM.

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