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Vaacheeswarar Temple, Tirupaasur

Location of the templeTirupaasur, near Tiruvellore
Lord Shiva known asVaacheeswarar
Female deity known asThangaathali Amman
PathigamThirunavukarasar, Sambandar, Sundarar
How to reach This temple is located 7 Kms from Tiruvellore railway station which is on the Chennai Central - Arakonam section of the Southern Railway. It is situated at about 5 Kms from Tiruvallore bus stand. Travel by Tiruvallore - Tiruttani road and reach the road junction that leads to Kadambattur. Tiruppassur village is located near this road junction and the temple is also very nearby to this road junction.
Temple addressArulmighu Vaacheeswarar Temple
Tirupaasur Village
Kadambattur Post
Via Tiruvallore
Tiruttani Taluk
Tiruvallore District
PIN 631203
Location mapTirupachur map
Map showing location of Tiruppasur
Map courtesy by: Google Maps:

Situated roughly 50 Kms from Chennai, the Shiva temple at Tirupaasur has gopurams on the east and the south side entrances. Once we enter the main gopuram, there is a spacious courtyard on all the 4 sides. The inner prakaram houses the shrines for the main deity, female deity and Lord Subramanya. The main shrine for Vaacheeswarar and the female deity Thangaathali Amman, are facing east. At the entrance to the sanctum sanctorum, tall stone images of Dwarapalakas can be seen. On the left side of the main sanctum sanctorum, Vinayakar Sabha is situated wherein stone idols of God Ganesha in various sizes can be seen. On the outer walls of the sanctum sanctorum, stone images of Dakshinamurthy on the south side, Annamalayar on the west side and that of God Brahma on the north side can be seen. The inner prakaram of the sanctum sanctorum houses the stone images of Thirunavukarasar, Sambandar and Sundarar.

Karikal Valavan, the Chola King is said to be associated with this temple. According to the legend, this sthalam was a bamboo forest and the Chola King Karikal Valavan while passing through this forest found a Sivalingam under the banboo trees and constructed this temple for Lord Shiva. Inscriptions from the Chola period are found inside this temple.

Tirupaasur Temple photos

Main deity Vacheeswarar

The main deity Vaacheeswarar

Tirupassur Temple Entrance Tower

Entrance Tower of the temple


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