Saturday, October 16, 2021

Amirthagateswarar Temple, Kodikkarai

Location of the templeKodikkarai
Lord Shiva known asAmirthagateswarar
Female deity known asMaiyaar Tadankanni
How to reach This paadal petra sthalam is situated about 2 Kms to the south from Agasthiampalli. Town bus facilities are available from Vedaranyam to Kodikkarai and one has to get down at Kuzhagarkovil bus stop.
Location mapKodikkarai map
Map showing location of Kodikkarai temple from Vedaranyam
Map courtesy by: Google Maps

Legend: This Sivasthalam is a seaside shrine on the shores of Bay of Bengal and is associated with the churning of the milky ocean. According to the legend when celestial nectar (Amirtham) was obtained by churning the milky ocean, Vayu took the same to give to Devas. When Vayu flew over Kodikkarai, a drop of celestial nector (Amirtham) fell down at Kodikkarai and it took the form of a Shivalingam. This sivalingam, known as Amirthagateswarar, is the presiding male deity of the temple at Kodikkarai. This sthalam, also referred to as Kuzhagarkovil, is mentioned in the famous novel Ponniyin Selvan by Kalki, a renowned novelist.

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