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Paadhaaleswarar Temple, Tiruaradai Perumpaazhi (Haridwara Mangalam)

Location of the templeTiruaradai Perumpaazhi (Haridwara Mangalam)
Lord Shiva known asPaathaaleswarar
Female deity known asAlankara Nayagi
PathigamSambandar - 1
How to reach This sivasthalam temple is situated 3.5 Kms to the east of another paadal petra sthalam at TiruAavalivanallur and about 24 Kms. from Thanjavur. Town bus service to Haridwara Mangalam is available from Thanjavur and Kumbakonam. Haridwara Mangalam is situated about 10 Kms west of Alangudi.
Location mapAvalivanallur map
Map showing location of Haridwara Mangalam and Avalivanallur temple. Both are located at a distance of 3.5 Kms. from each other.
Map courtesy by: Google Maps

The five temples which collectively make the Pancha Aranya Sthalams are Thirukkarugavur, Alangudi, Avalivanallur, Haridwaramangalam and Thirukollambudhoor. Haridwara Mangalam is the third among this group of temples to be visited between 11 AM and Noon.

It is believed that lord Vishnu in his avatar as the wild boar - Varaha - went deep into the earth searching for the feet of Shiva. Finally, not finding it, he gave up and returned at this place and meditated on Shiva. There was a pit (now closed) outside the sanctum which is believed to have been made by Vishnu while coming out and hence the name Hari-dwara-mangalam. This temple was once in a forest of Vanni trees and today, there is a lone tree standing in the temple premises, testifying itself as the Sthala Vriksham.

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