Saturday, October 16, 2021

Thaalavaneswarar Temple, Tiruppanaiyur

Location of the templeTiruppanaiyur
Lord Shiva known asThaalavaneswarar, Azhagiyanathar
Female deity known asPeriyanayagi
PathigamSambandar, Sundarar
How to reach One has to travel on the Peralam - Tiruvarur road and reach Aandipandal via Nannilam. From Aandipandal road junction one has to travel 4 Kms to reach the temple.

Thunaierundha Vinayakar: When the Chola king Elanchet Chenni died, his queen was pregnant. The relatives of the king wanted to grab the chola kingdom to themselves and tried to kill the queen so that the heir to the chola kingdom is not born. The queen was saved from the traitors by her brother who sent the queen to Tiruppanaiyur. The queen lived in this temple town in disguise and delivered a male child who later came to be known as Karikalan, one of the illustrious kings of the Imperial Chola period. Due to the queen's meditation to Lord Shiva of this sivasthalam, Karikalan, as a child, grew up under the active care and support of Vinayagar. Hence the Vinayagar of this sthalam is known as Thunaierundha vinayagar.

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