Saturday, October 16, 2021

Sargunatheswarar Temple, Tirukkaruvili Kottittai

Location of the templeTirukkaruvili Kottittai (Now known as arguneswarapuram)
Lord Shiva known asSargunatheswarar
Female deity known asSarvangasundari
How to reach This sivasthalam is located at a distance of 25 Kms by road from Kumbakonam. Travel by Kumbakonam - Natchiar Kovil - Poonthottam road and reach a village called Koonthalur. From Koonthalaur go towards north and cross Araslaaru bridge and travel for about 2 Kms. to reach the temple. Tirunallam sivasthalam is at a distance of about 3 Kms from here in the north direction. Another sivasthalam Tiru Anniyur is situated at a distance of 4 Kms from here in the north-east direction.
Karuvili Kottittai route map
Map courtesy by: Yahoo Maps

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