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Karpaganathar Temple, Tiruvalanchuzhi

Location of the templeTiruvalanchuzhi
Lord Shiva known asKarpaganathar
Female deity known asPeriyanayagi
How to reach This temple is located 6 Kms from Kumbakonam near Swamimalai (one of the 6 abodes of Lord Murugan). It is about 1 Km. from Swamimalai. One can also reach Tiruvalanchuzhi via Dharasuram.
Tiruvalnchuzhi route map

Thiruvalanchuzhi is about 1 Km. away from Swamimalai. The main deities here are Sadaimudinathar (or Kabardeeswarar) and Periyanayaki. However, the most important deity in this temple is Swetha Vinayakar, a Ganesha made of Sea Foam. According to the legend, when the Devas and asuras were churning the ocean, they forgot to worship Ganesha. They realized their error when the poison came out, and Indra immediately made an image of Ganesha out of the sea foam which had collected as a result of the churning of the ocean. Ganesha was pleased, and the Devas were able to obtain nectar. This is the Ganesha present in the temple.

The temple is a beautiful one, and has several interesting idols on the circumambulatory path. One such idol is that of Ganga Visarjaneshwarar, depicting Shiva holding Ganga.

It is believed that Sage Durvasa once performed a yagna here, and 22 Maharshis who attended the yagna installed lingams that they prayed to, in this temple. Thus, there are several lingams in this temple, associated with several sages.Once, it is believed, the river Kaveri went inside the earth and a rishi named Heranda Muni sacrificed himself at the site where she disappeared, after which, the river re-appeared, and flowed in a semi-circle around the temple. Since the river curves towards the right, this place came to be known as Thiruvalanchuzhi (twisting to the right)

n the outer Pragaram is a sanctum dedicated to the goddess with 8 arms, known as Ashtabhuja Mahakali. She is believed to be the patron deity of Raja Raja Chozhan, who prayed to her before setting out for any war. It is she who is believed to have blessed him, die to which he never suffered a defeat in his lifetime.

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