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Maragathachalar Temple, Tiruveengoimalai

Location of the templeTiruveengoimalai
Lord Shiva known asMaragathachalar
Female deity known asMaragathavalli
How to reach This temple is located near Kulittalai. Tiruveengoimalai can be reached from Kulittalai by crossing the Kaveri river and turning left. Tiruveengoimalai is near Musiri. One can also travel from Tiruchy to Musiri and from there can go to Tiruveengoimalai.
Temple addressArulmighu Maragathachalar Temple
Tiru Eengoimalai
Via Manamedu
Thottiyam Taluk
Tiruchirapalli District
PIN 621209
Location mapeengoimalai map
Map showing location of Eengoimalai temple
Map courtesy by: Google Maps

Temple: This temple is housed atop of small hillock and one has to climb about 500 steps to reach the temple. The special feature of this Shivasthalam is that the sun's rays falls on the sivalingam (Maragathalingam) on the sivarathiri day in the Tamil month of Masi every year.

Agasthiya Munivar worshipped Lord Shiva at this sthalam transforming himself as a fly. It is considered very auspicious to visit three Shivasthalams ( Kadambar Kovil in the morning, Tiruvaatpokki (Ratnagiri) at noon and Tiruveegoimalai in the evening) on Mondays during the Tamil month of Karthigai.

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