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Aabathasagayanathar Temple, Tiruppazhanam

Location of the templeTiruppazhanam
Lord Shiva known asAabathasagayanathar
Female deity known asPeriyanayagi
PathigamThirunavukarasar, Sambandar
How to reach This temple is Located at Tiruppazhanam, 4 Kms in the east direction from Tiruvaiyaru on the Tiruvaiyaru - Kumbakonam road. It is about 3 Kms. to the west of another paadal petra sthalam Vadakurangaduthurai
temple addressArulmighu Aabathasagayanathar Temple
Tiruppazhanam Post
Via Tiruvaiyaru
Thanjavur district
PIN 613204
Location mapTirupazhanam map
Map showing location of Tirupazhanam temple from Tiruvaiyaru
Map courtesy by: Google Maps

The special feature of this Shivasthalam is that the moon light falls on the Sivalingam on the full moon days in the Tamil months of Panguni and Purattasi.

Thiruppazhanam is about 15 minutes from Thiruvaiyaru, towards Kumbakonam. Here too, the temple was closed, and the priest was out, but when we approached his wife, she quickly sent a child with the key, and we were able to have darshan of the lord, even though it was close to noon, when most temples are closed. This temple, we were told is open from 8 AM to Noon, and from 4-6 PM. During this time, even if the priest is out, someone or the other will be available to open up the temple, which is kept locked for safety concerns.

Here, the deities are Aapatsahayar and Sundaranayaki. Here, it must be mentioned that all the lingams in the Saptha Sthaanam temples are of the same size and shape, except the one at Thiruvaiyaru, which is a swayambhu, and much smaller and of a different shape. In fact, the lingams are so similar; they might have been made together by the same hand, as if from a single mould.

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