Saturday, October 16, 2021

Vilvavananathar Temple, Tiruvaikavur

Location of the templeTiruvaikavur
Lord Shiva known asVilvavananathar
Female deity known asSarvajanaratchagi,Valaikkai Nayagi
How to reach Town bus services to Tiruvaikavur is available from Kumbakonam. This sthalam is situated on the south bank of river Kollidam. One can also reach this sivasthalam from another paadal petra sthalam Tiruppurambiyam.
Temple addressArulmighu Vilvavananathar Temple
Tiruvaikavur Post
Kumbakonam Taluk
Thanjavur District
PIN 612304
Tiruvaikavur route map

According to the legend, a hunder once was chased by a tiger. Afraid that the tiger will kill him, he climed a Vilva tree and stayed there throughout the night. Thinking that he may go to sleep and fall down from the tree, he plucked the leaves of vilva tree and threw it down. Under the tree there was a Sivalingam, and unknowingly he worshipped Shiva with Vilva leaves for the whole night. Please with his action, it is believed that God Shiva gave Darshan to him and the hunder attained Mokshaa (salvation) at this Sthalam. This legend is also linked to another Shivasthalam Tiruvomampuliyur

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