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Thaalavaneswarar Temple, Tiruppanandal

Location of the templeTiruppanandal
Lord Shiva known asThaalavaneswarar, Senjadaiappar, Panangateesar
Female deity known asThalavaneswari, Periyanayagi, Brahandnayagi
How to reach Located on the road from Kumbakonam to Anaikkarai. Tiruppanandhal can also be reached from Aduthurai. Another Paadal Petra Sthalam Tiruaappadi is situated nearby, 2 Kms from here.
Temple addressArulmighu Thaalavaneswarar Temple
Tiruppanandal Post
Tiruvidaimarudur Taluk
Thanjavur District
PIN 612504
tirupanandhal map
Map showing location of Tirupanandhal temple from Kumbakonam
Map courtesy by: Google aps
tirupanandhal map
Map showing location of Tirupanandhal temple from Aaduthurai
Map courtesy by: Google Maps

According to the legend, an ardent woman devotee Thaadagai used to worship God Shiva here daily with garlands. One day when she took the garland to offer the same to God Shiva, her dress slipped from her body. She pressed the dress with her elbow to avoid it from slipping from her body and hence could not lift her hands to offer the garland to Shiva. God Shiva seeing her predicament bent his head so that the devotee could offer the garland without any difficulty. Thereafter when the king tried to remove the bend in the Sivalingam and make it upright he could not do so even by using the force of his elephants. Later on when Kungulikaliya Nayanar tried to remove the bend and make the Sivalingam upright by using a simple rope, God Shiva became upright due to his true devotion to the God.

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