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Thuyartheerta Nathar Temple, Tiruvomaampuliyur

Location of the templeTiru Omaampuliyur
Lord Shiva known asThuyartheerta Nathar, Vyagrapureeswarar
Female deity known asPoonkodinayaki
How to reach This temple is located 30 Kms from Chidambaram and 7 Kms. from Katturmannarkudi. Town bus facilities are available from Chidambaram and Kattumannarkudi.
Temple addressArumighu Thuyartheerta Nathar Temple
Omampuliyur Post
Ayankudi S.O.
Kattumannarkudi Taluk
Cuddalore District
Location mapomampuliyur map
Map showing location of Omampuliyur temple
Map courtesy by: Google Maps

This temple with 3 tier Gopuram (Tower) faces east. According to the legend, Shiva Dakshinamurthy is said to have revealed the Pranva Upadesam to Parvati, and hence this sthalam is known as Omaampuliyur (Om Aam Puliyur). Images illustrating the stala puraanam of this temple are seen in the front mandapam. One of these depicts Shiva blessing Vishnu with the Chakrayudam while the other depicts five of the Puliyurs. A stone image of Nataraja is seen on the niche reserved for Dakshinamurthy in the sanctum, while Dakshinamurthy occupies the grand Sabha, usually set for Natarajar. The Dakshinamurthy shrine is of significance here.

Vyagrapadar (the saint with tiger's claws and feet) is said to have worshipped here. Hence the main deity is also known as Vyagrapureeswarar.

According to the legend, a hunder once was chased by a tiger. Afraid that the tiger will kill him, he climbed a Vilva tree and stayed there throughout the night. Thinking that he may go to sleep and fall down from the tree, he plucked the leaves of vilva tree and threw it down. Under the tree there was a Sivalingam, and unknowingly he worshipped Shiva with Vilva leaves for the whole night. Pleased with his action, it is believed that God Shiva gave Darshan to him and the hunter attained Mokshaa (salvation) at this Sthalam. This legend is also linked to another Shivasthalam Tiruvaikavur.

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