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Veerateswarar Temple, Tirukkurukkai

Location of the templeTirukkurukkai
Lord Shiva known asVeerateswarar
Female deity known asGnanmbikai
How to reach This temple is located about 12 Kms. from Mayiladuthurai. One has to travel on the Mayiladuthurai - Manalmedu bus route and get down at a village known as Kondal. The sivasthalam is about 3 Kms from Kondal. Town Bus facilities are available from Mayiladuthurai.
Temple addressArulmighu Veerateswarar Temple
Needur Post
Mayiladuthurai Taluk
Mayiladuthurai District
PIN 609203
Location mapTirukkurukkai map
Map showing location of Tirukkurukkai temple
Map courtesy by: Google Maps

This is one of the Attaveerattana (one of the eight heroic deeds) Sthalam of God Shiva. God Shiva is believed to have burnt alive Manmadhan at this Sthalam by opening his third eye in the forehead. The story of Kaman (Manmadhan) being burnt to ashes for daring to shoot his arrows of love on Shiva, trying to get him to fall in love with Parvati is a famous one. This sivasthalam Tirukurukkai, now known as Korukkai, is associated with this story. This temple covers an area of about 2.5 acres. The temple has two towers facing west with 3 prakarams. Stucco images related to legends connected with the stalapuranam here are seen inside the temple.

There is a pit 200 meters from the temple which is referred as "Vibhoothi Kuttai" in Tamil. As per the legend, it was here Manmadhan was burnt to ashes by Lord Shiva. White ash is found in this pit and has the distinct odour of holy ash, or vibhuthi. The surrounding areas has red coloured mud or sand.

According to the legend a saint by name Deergavahu Munivar used to visit Shiva temples and with his divine powers he offered Ganga waters to Shiva and worshipped him. When the saint reached this Sthalam, he stretched his arms as usual to get Ganga waters for offering to Shiva, but his arms shrunk here. Hence this Sthalam is known as Tirukkurukkai. The main Ganesha in this temple is known as Kurungai Vinayakar, probably derived from the name of this village.

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