Saturday, October 16, 2021

Sivaloganathar Temple, Tirupunkur

Location of the templeTirupunkur
Lord Shiva known asSivaloganathar
Female deity known asSoundaranayagi, Sokkanayagi
PathigamSundarar, Sambandar, Thirunavukarasar
How to reach Located 3 Kms from another Paadal Petra Sthalam Vaitheeswaran Kovil and 10 Kms from Sirkazhi.
Temple addressArulmighu Sivaloganathar Temple
Tirupunkur Post
Sirkazhi Taluk
Mayiladuthurai District
PIN 609112
Tirupunkur map
Map showing location of Tirupunkur temple
Map courtesy by: Google Maps

This Sthalam is known as Tirupunkur because God Shiva is giving Darshan to the devotees under the Punga Tree. Nandanaar, an aredent devotee of God Shiva was born in a lower caste and the people born in that caste were not allowed to enter the temple premises in those days. Nandanaar used to stand outside the temple at a long distance and used to worship and pray to God Shiva. As is customary in all Shiva Temples, the statue of Nandi kept in a straight line and facing the God inside the sanctum sanctorum was of great hindrance to Nandanaar as the Nandi statue blocked the view of God Shiva. When Nandanaar felt very sorry for not having a good view of God Shiva so that he can worship him, God Shiva ordered Nandi to move sideways from the straight line so that Nandanaar can have a clear view of the God.

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